What We Offer

We run two workshops

The BLITZ workshop
This workshop is designed for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Academics to boost their scientific output. It covers strategies and approaches to master the craft of scientific publishing. The material we cover includes:

  • How to structure the flow of a paper
  • How to write and communicate results effectively
  • How to maximize outputs
  • How to write cover letters
  • How to choose which journal to submit to
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of scientific writing and communication

The typical duration of this workshop is ~2 hrs including a break.


The GURU workshop
In addition to the material included in the BLITZ workshop, this extended workshop includes:

  • Paper structure. Detailed analysis of each section of a scientific articleTitle, Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusions, etc. How to structure and write them, what to include and avoid.
  • Figures. What makes figures attractive and what makes them stellar.
  • Writing boot camp. Writing style breakdown, from paragraph to sentence construction. How to write concisely, directly and vigorously to attract the reader and avoid language and communication muddiness.
  • Face-to-face and small-group interaction for hands-on activities and exercises.

The typical duration of this workshop is ~6 hrs.